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September 04, 2008

Meet the Pet Show Pooches

Starting in October, regular dog-training presentations will show you how the techniques we use to train our dolphins and whales also work great with pets. Meet our new resident dogs:

Barney Barney

An interesting mix of border collie and basset hound, this 3-year-old male is long but not too low to the ground. Barney was surrendered by his owner and came from the Anti-Cruelty Society.

Harley Harley

The 2-year-old male black Lab was adopted from the Wright Way Rescue Organization, which rescues dogs in southern Illinois and brings them to adoption events in Chicago. Harley was given up by his owner. At 98 pounds, he’s the largest of the six dogs.


Another big boy, weighing about 70 pounds, the year-old American bulldog mix was found tied up in an abandoned building. He was adopted from Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Olivia Olivia

This sweet-faced, year-old German shepherd mix came from Chicago Animal Care and Control. Sudden movements cause her to flinch, suggesting that she was abused, but she’s learning to trust her gentle trainers.


Less than a year old when she was adopted from Chicago Animal Care and Control, this fluffy West Highland white terrier mix is a sprightly 11 pounds.


The chihuahua/corgi mix, adopted from the South Suburban Humane Society, in Chicago Heights, is a handsome handful at 10 pounds.

Find out more about Shedd's new Pet Show.

Posted by Karen Furnweger, web editor

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Where do these dogs live? With Ken? At the Shedd? ...with other staff?

Thank you for pointing out that shelter dogs are as good as any other dog, pure breeds, etc. I love that you picked some from Animal Care and Control. Though Animal Care and Control has improved over the years, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Those are very lucky dogs to be picked out for such a special program!

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest in Shedd, Yvette. The dogs are housed at Shedd and are trained by the animal care staff. You can learn more about animal care at Shedd at:

-Jay Geneske, web editor

As far as the training of the dogs goes, well, how can I get the same training for mine?

She's a one year Pit-bull/Boxer mix, and smart as a whip, and really a sweetheart that I am happy to say I adopted from a rescue group in Texas who got her after some really nasty stuff happened to her at the age of four weeks. I am wanting to train her to be able to get her CGC and work as a volunteer therapy dog if possible. We've had some training, but thinking about some of the things you have managed to do with those wonderful pups just intrigues me to no end.

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