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November 11, 2008

If a Fish Could Talk

Granddad If a fish could talk, what stories Granddad, Shedd’s venerable Australian lungfish, might tell of 75 years at the aquarium. Since crossing the Pacific on a steamship and chugging from Los Angeles to Chicago in Shedd’s original railroad car in 1933, Granddad has been here for the Century of Progress World’s Fair, the shortages of World War II, numerous gallery remodelings (we think he’s in his third habitat, the largest and nicest of all), the opening of the Oceanarium, which brought many more people through the galleries, too, and company in the form of several younger lungfish. He’s also seen several generations of aquarists retire. But other than the occasional slurp when he comes to the surface for air, the world’s oldest aquarium fish isn’t saying.

To celebrate Granddad’s 75 years at Shedd, seniors age 65 and older will receive free general admission between Nov. 13 and 16.

Posted by Karen Furnweger, web editor

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