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April 07, 2009

What We've Learned about Iguanas

Dr-trevor The scientists, staff and volunteers of Shedd's annual West Indian Rock Iguana Research Expedition have returned home after a successful trip to the Bahamas.

Working with Dr. Chuck Knapp gave us a new appreciation for the difficult and rewarding nature of field work. Our team of volunteers and scientists have returned to our day jobs, but the work of Dr. Knapp and Dr. Trevor Zachariah (pictured) continues. One of Dr. Knapp's goals is to use the data the volunteer groups gathered to help the Bahamian government protect a large part of South Andros Island. The 47 iguanas collected, carefully measured and tagged will bring Dr. Knapp closer to his goal of securing a protected area for the Andros Iguanas.

Dr. Knapp and Dr. Zachariah are also working on several papers as well as distributing blood samples to labs across the country for a variety of tests. Hopefully, the results will provide relevant information about the blood chemistry of the rock iguanas, and will aid animal care staff working with iguanas in captivity.

Learn more about Shedd's field research.

Posted by Dave Freeman, web contributor
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