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July 06, 2009

New Animal Interpreters

Young-Nat The Young Naturalists have started interacting with guests at Shedd. Here are their thoughts in preparing for their first day on the floor:

I look forward to being viewed as a highly intelligent worker, who holds the key to knowledge, by the guest. I have always admired the wit displayed by workers such as interpreters and have longed for the same respect I have for them. Therefore I cannot wait to be on the floor, knowing that I am the “go-to guy.” I have what guests want, and I am proud of myself. I can’t wait to show the world what I’ve learned.
James P.

What I look forward to while working at Shedd Aquarium is learning about the sharks. I think that the sharks at Shedd Aquarium are the coolest animals out there! I realized this as I walked through the Wild Reef exhibit and stared deep into the ocean while I was behind a solid wall of glass. I’m glad there was something between those sharks, especially the SAWFISH, and me! YIKES!
Sergio A.

When I first began, I was nervous and scared I wouldn’t know the information. After being here for three days, I am much more confident that I can talk to a lot of people and share all the knowledge I have. I hope to be able to reach out to guests and leave them thinking, and hopefully motivate them to want to make a difference. To me, that’s what being a Young Naturalist is all about.
Emilse A.

I’ve learned and experienced so much in just the last few days. I really am excited to teach other people all these interesting facts and let them touch the animals and everything. It actually is fun and exciting to connect people to animals, the aquarium and the world around them.
Clara D.

I look forward to seeing that I taught visitors something and gave them an enjoyable experience. Knowing I’ve enhanced a guest’s visit will make me happy. I’m also excited to handle animals because I love getting close to any animal. I’ve already learned so much about communicating with people and interacting with all ages. This summer is going to be great!
Claire F.

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