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July 22, 2009

Scratch a beluga's tongue

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Beluga-encounters Yesterday, members of the media experienced a special beluga encounter, one of Shedd's premium experiences. Below are a few stories we wanted to share:

Time Out Chicago
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Sun-Times
Red Eye
Chicago Breaking News

Posted by Jay Geneske, web editor


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it is not worth $200 to look at a whale closely, I have a cuter girlfriend that I look closely for free, ,:D

Thanks for your fun comment, aqeel. In addition to getting face-to-face with the beluga, beluga encounter participants touch the beluga’s skin, scratch their tongue, and try a few training techniques and enjoy some surprises. Truly an experience you'll never forget. Learn more at http://www.sheddaquarium.org/extraordinary

This is truly an amazing program! I loved every minute of it and it truly was an unforgettable moment!! :)

Thanks for the feedback, John! We're glad you had a great experience.

How long do you get to have this face-to-face encounter with the beluga. I have a daughter that would love an experience like this.

Question: Photos not allowed. But, are photos or videos taken by staff available for purchase?

Carol, the full experience (including orientation) is 90 minutes.

Tim, yes photos are taken by the staff.

How long of the total 90 minutes is the orientation and how long are you actually interacting with the belugas?

You are actually interacting with the beluga for half an hour, one hour the trainer is telling you what to do, and about the whale. A half and hour before you get in the water, you must receive an instructional session, telling you what to do and what not to do.

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