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June 03, 2011

Shedd welcomes Tique’s calf!

Please read our most recent update about the dolphin calf.

Underwater-viewing The little flukes appeared at about 5 this morning, and at 8:47 a.m., Shedd’s Pacific white-sided dolphin Tique gave birth to a calf in the Abbott Oceanarium’s Secluded Bay habitat. In rapid order, the approximately 3-foot, 30-pound dolphin achieved three critical milestones: swimming to the surface, taking its first breath and beginning to swim with mom. Both Tique and the calf, whose gender has not been determined, appear to be doing well.

“We are thrilled about the birth,” said Ken Ramirez, executive vice president of animal collections and training. Still, he is cautious. “The biggest milestone we will be watching closely for throughout the coming days is the interaction between mom and calf. It’s critical for the calf and mom to bond.”

Tique-and-calf-250 Another challenging, and crucial, milestone is learning to nurse. With Tique’s guidance, the calf must instinctively find and latch onto mom’s mammary glands for the high-fat, high-calorie milk, containing immunity-building colostrum, that will give it a great start in life. And it must happen as the calf swims alongside her.

Shedd’s animal care and animal health teams are using the knowledge they’ve gained through previous births and information shared through cooperative breeding programs to help Tique and the calf through these milestones. “Caring for these amazing animals has allowed us to learn vital information about these rarely studied marine mammals,” including hard-to-obtain gestation and neonatal data, said Ramirez.

The approximately 12-month pregnancy was the result of Shedd’s partnership with the Miami Seaquarium. Tique, who is 26, was temporarily relocated to Miami as part of a strategic breeding cooperative. Lii, one of Miami Seaquarium’s dolphins, sired the calf.

Calf-250 It’s a rare treat to be able to see Pacific white-sided dolphins at Shedd. There are fewer than 20 of these marine mammals in North American facilities. “Our Pacific white-sided dolphins provide meaningful connections with our guests and help educate millions of people about marine life and aquatic issues,” Ramirez said.

He noted that strategic partnerships with organizations like Miami Seaquarium and other leading aquariums around the world are critical to increasing Pacific white-sided dolphin populations and genetic diversity in zoos and aquariums.

For the next several weeks, Tique and her calf will be monitored around the clock by members of the aquarium’s animal care staff. During this time, for the well-being of the pair, the upper and lower levels of Secluded Bay will be closed to the public.

But watch for more news here as well as on Shedd’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Posted by Karen Furnweger, web editor

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Welcome to the world little one!!! So exciting to hear about this amazing birth, best wishes to Mom and baby!


Congrats to all! Will follow progress and wait to hear when they will be open for visits...

Welcome to the world, little one! Props to all of you dedicated Shedd staff & volunteers!

Congrats on the baby! I love being a member and I cant wait to use my membership to visit the little guy/girl!

Congrats Tique!
Welcome to the world (and Chi-Town) little one.

Since our acquarium in Tulsa does not have dolphins, it is so exciting to hear about your new baby! I love it already!

Wow, how exciting. Congratulations to Shedd for their new addition.

Congrats to the staff, and especially to Tique, on the birth of a new baby calf! We are excited to come visit sometime soon.

Hi could you name the new dolphin Oscar?? He would love it! (Or Silver if it's a girl, but let's hope it's a boy!!)

congratulations! This is my first time seeing a baby pacific whitesided dolphin calf! Yay Tique!

Keep reaching those milestones, many blessings to mom and new little one!

Congrats to new mommy Tique and very happy welcome to her new baby calf! We are so very excited to come and visit very soon.

OMG! Great news! Congrats to Tique and everybody!

I cah't wait to see that baby dolfin!

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