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April 21, 2012

Energy - From Our Home to Yours

Earth Week is nearing its end, but energy savings can continue all year. In partnership with the Illinois Environmental Council, Shedd produced three videos about how we save energy in our aquarium home, and similar steps that you can take in your home. Today, we introduce the final video on energy.

At Shedd Aquarium, we’re always looking for ways to make our heating and lighting more efficient. Sometimes, we invest in new resource-conserving technology; in other cases, we take inspiration directly from Mother Nature, as we did with the heating system for our iguanas and the cooling system for our belugas and Pacific white-sided dolphins. What did we do? Watch the video to learn more.

Once you’ve seen how we make a difference in our home, here are some simple, impactful suggestions for how to make a difference at your home, too:

Check out the U.S. Department of Energy, which has tips to save energy all around your home, as well as information about home energy audits and purchasing “green” power.
• The Energy STAR program certifies energy-efficient appliances. Their website also includes information about how to heat, cool and light your home more efficiently.
• If talking about energy conservation really lights up your day, you can become a leader in your community by helping other people to weatherize their homes. Weatherization is an affordable way for people to conserve energy and save money. Look for an existing program in your area, or even start up your own.

The Illinois Environmental Council is a coalition of over sixty organizations focused on environmental protection, including Shedd.Learn more about these organizations and get involved atwww.ilenviro.org.

—Posted by Meg Matthews, Conservation

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