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July 02, 2013

Bruce's Story

You get an idea of Bruce’s life before Shedd during a short video in the new aquatic show, “One World: Make a Difference,” which officially debuts on the Fourth of July. The brindle bundle of energy who shares the spotlight with dolphins was adopted by Shedd from Chicago Animal Care and Control through Safe Humane Chicago. Bruce was a “court case dog,” rescued from what was suspected to be an abusive situation. Bite scars suggested that he was being trained as a fighting dog.

That’s all in the past.

The year-old pit bull-terrier mix is a good-natured, attentive pup with cocked ears and a melt-your-heart face. The white star-shaped blaze on his chest goes with his star quality. From the start, he loved his training sessions, and you’ll see his tail wagging in high-energy circles as he demonstrates how training can make a difference in a pet's behavior during "One World."

“He is doing well in the show,” says Ken Ramirez, executive vice president of animal care and training, “and we are still in the early stages of training for him.”

Bruce is one of three dogs adopted by Shedd from Chicago-area shelters. During each aquatic show in the Abbott Oceanarium, one dog’s story will be shared as he or she demonstrates the “Shedd Way” of animal training through positive reinforcement. As Bruce and a dolphin simultaneously do parallel behaviors, you’ll see how marine mammal training and world-class animal care at Shedd directly connect to family pet training and care at home.

And you’ll see a dog, a dolphin and two trainers having a lot of fun working together.

“One World” is presented by Toyota.

Karen Furnweger, web editor

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I want to post Bruce's story on fb but neither it nor the email "clicks" work.
Please let me know when I can post this terrific idea.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging adoption. Bruce is a sweetheart- what a handsome boy!

Bravo Shedd Aquarium! Using your
heart as well as mind!

I love that you are including dogs in your show. I have been matched to the same girl through the Big Brothers Big sisters mentoring program for the past 5 yrs. now. We have been to the Shedd twice and once was to do trainer for a day.We recently started a pet bakery and would love to donate some treats for the dogs if you will accept them. thelovinovenpetbakery.com Gayle

How clever to link animal behavior and similar training to different species successfully! Everyone should gain an understanding of these occurrences to fully enjoy and appreciate your work at the Shedd. Hats off to all the staff! Pat E.

i had no idea the Shedd was doing this program until i was at the aquatic show this past weekend. Not only are you helping to rescue our aquatic friends, but you are helping our 4 legged friends as well. Many thanks- Bruce is great!

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