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May 28, 2013

Happy first birthday, Sagu!

Piquet and Sagu_blog)
Shedd’s little Pacific white-sided dolphin calf, Sagu (SAH-goo), has been racking up achievements, like learning to tail walk, spin and leap in formation with the adults, but today he hits his most impressive milestone: his first birthday.

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May 05, 2013

Celebrate Mexico's Aquatic Heritage at Shedd

Cownose_blog_2 (2)

It’s Cinco de Mayo, a major celebration in Chicago. At Shedd Aquarium, you’ll meet some of Mexico’s most intriguing freshwater animals, like the ghostly blind cave fish and those tadpoles for life, axolotls, in the Islands and Lakes gallery. The iguana habitat in this gallery features reef fishes you’d find if you were diving off Cozumel or Yucatan.

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December 06, 2012

What the Calves Are Up To

Sagu_blog 12 12
If you’ve seen Shedd’s new aquatic show, A Holiday Fantasea, you know that Sagu (SAH-goo), our 6½-month-old Pacific white-sided dolphin calf (shown above on the left) gets into the act alongside his mom, Piquet. During the show, you’ll see him engaged in formal training. Lisa Takaki, senior director of marine mammals, says, “He seems to LOVE it and is very attentive—usually!”

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August 31, 2012

Dolphin’s 3-month Milestone!


At the same time that we’re watching and cheering on beluga whale Mauyak’s new calf, we’re celebrating that Piquet’s calf turned 3 months old on Aug. 28! Compare the calf in the photo above, from earlier this month, with the photo below, taken when he was about a week old. Animals born into the cold ocean’s nursery have to grow up quickly if they are to survive in an unforgiving environment and evade predators. And Piquet’s calf sure is growing!

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August 27, 2012

A Whale of a Birth Announcement


The Shedd Aquarium family is delighted to announce the birth of beluga whale Mauyak’s calf. The little whale—estimated at 4½ feet and 150 pounds—arrived at 2 a.m. today after a smooth labor. Both mom and calf are doing well, and the calf appears to be strong.

As with any marine mammal birth, Shedd’s animal care and animal health staff members remain cautious during these early hours as they watch for the calf to pass a number of critical milestones. But the little beluga is in the best care possible—Mauyak is an experienced mom, and she has a support crew of trainers and veterinarians who are monitoring the pair around the clock.

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August 08, 2012

Jazzin’ Instrumentals: Yellow-banded Pipefish

Yellow-banded pipefish straight_blog

Looking ready to toot in his bold zoot suit, the yellow-banded pipefish is really a stay-at-home dad. In fact, he gave birth to about 40 young earlier this week.

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June 28, 2012

One Month Old!

Piquet’s calf is 1 month old today! And what a big boy he is becoming. He and mom have hit all the milestones for a Pacific white-sided dolphin calf’s first month, and everyone at Shedd is absolutely tickled at his progress.

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June 12, 2012

Oh, boy, it’s a boy!


It’s official: Piquet’s calf is a male. Break out the blue bunting!

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June 05, 2012

The one-week milestone!

Piquet’s calf sailed past another milestone as he or she (we still haven’t gotten a close enough look) passed the one-week mark. The gender mystery is actually part of the positive outlook—the animal care and animal health teams haven’t needed to help—and therefore examine—the calf because it is doing so well under mom’s care.

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June 01, 2012

Smoothies every half hour

To nurse is instinctive; to do it efficiently is an acquired skill. Since the calf started nursing Tuesday evening, both it and mom Piquet have been on a steep—and productive—learning curve.

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