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April 15, 2014

Our members have voted—and the chick is Ruggles!

For Karen - Rockhopper penguin  chick with Dr  Bill 9 months D75Q7605

Does she look like a Ruggles? That was the overwhelming opinion of Shedd members, who were invited to vote on a name for the female rockhopper penguin chick.

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February 20, 2014

Lucky dog!

Marlin and Kelly

Shedd has added a fourth pooch to its canine lineup. Welcome Marlin, a handsome chocolate Lab mix (with maybe a little boxer, perhaps a touch of Great Dane)!

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February 19, 2014

White whales: Singers even more amazing than songs

Dr  Bill and Naya

Throughout my career as an aquatic animal veterinarian, I’ve had the great fortune to work with many beluga whales. One of my early mentors preferred calling them “white whales” because they are the only all-white whale species. These white whales are unique in the whale world for other reasons too. And I believe this is part of why they are so fascinating to get to know.

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December 11, 2013

Rescues feeling right at home

Shedd Aquarium cruz shake

Earlier this month we reported on rescued California sea lion pup Laguna. Maybe you’ve had the special chance to see another rescued sea lion, Cruz, in an aquatic show. Since we last visited with the blind pup, he has become fast friends with Ty, the big sea lion who regularly appears in the show, and Cruz and Ty now share a behind-the-scenes habitat as well as time on exhibit.

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December 02, 2013

From Rescued to Robust—Laguna’s Story

Shedd Aquarium Laguna _ Arrival (2)

Shedd’s newest sea lion is now making appearances on exhibit in the Abbott Oceanarium.

Laguna, a rescued sea lion pup, has made great progress since his arrival at Shedd in late June, says marine mammals director Lisa Takaki. His debut last week in the Grainger Sea Lion Cove was one more step toward his total acclimation here. The 1½-year-old animal is already comfortable in all of the behind-the-scenes sea lion habitats, and he’s mastering what Lisa calls his “ABCs”—the training basics all the marine mammals learn. “He’s doing phenomenally,” she says.

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November 07, 2013

Long-lived and going strong

Grandad vintage

As veterinary science advances at a clip that rivals human medicine, animals in aquariums and zoos are living not just healthier but also longer lives. Australian lungfish Granddad, shown above in 1933, celebrated his 80th anniversary at Shedd earlier this year. Along with being Shedd’s oldest animal, he’s also the oldest fish in any public zoological facility in the world. But is he a senior or is he just middle-aged? Like 60 is the new 40 for a lot of people, several of Shedd’s longevity-busters are in their prime, thanks to excellent care—and, of course, good genes.

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November 06, 2013

Let the Sunshine In

Solar panel photo

The sky is never the limit for Shedd Aquarium. Last week, Shedd placed 913 solar panels along the edge of its rooftop gardens. These dark blue panels stand out before the Chicago skyline, leaving no doubt that the aquarium is now shining a little brighter.

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September 28, 2013

Toy Story: The Sea Otters’ Version

Otter toys C and K rocker and car_blog

What do a plastic cutting board, car wash strips, a teetertotter and a hard hat have in common? They’re among the scores of otter-proof playthings you’ll find in the sea otter’s “toy cave.”

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September 25, 2013

Enrichment is the Name of This Game

SOAW Cayucos at wall puzzle_blog

Think of a game that’s a cross between pinball and pool, using a hollow ball stuffed with shrimp and played by a high-energy sea otter, and you’ve got the latest product dreamed up by Northwestern engineering students for Shedd. Sea otters and trainers agree—this new puzzle is a big winner.

The puzzle is a 44 x 32 x 6-inch box of thick plexiglass that fits into the window opening between the sea otter pup pool and the trainers’ area. On a recent afternoon, Cayucos, an almost-2-year-old southern sea otter, is poised to play. Standing upright on her hind feet on the ledge around the pool, her paws on the puzzle’s front panel, she peers through the clear plexiglass for trainer Lana Vanagasem to start the game.

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September 23, 2013

Sea Otters Take the Cake

SOAW otters finishing cake_blog

Welcome to Sea Otter Awareness Week, Sept. 22 through 28! To celebrate, we’ll share photos and videos, amaze you with fun facts and take you behind the scenes for glimpses into how we care for—and totally indulge—these littlest of marine mammals.

We got a jump on the week of all things sea otter a few days early when we gave the four otters—male Yaku and females Kiana, Mari and Cayucos—seven, count ’em, seven decorated Sea Otter Awareness Week “cakes” for them to eat, lick, hog, demolish and otherwise enjoy.

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