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March 06, 2014

Cooking Up Sustainable Seafood

Cooking demo 3
The best way we can help improve the health of the ocean is by promoting sustainable seafood. For many of us, that means making smart seafood choices in the grocery store. On Saturday, two young cooks from Shedd’s Right Bite partner, Kendall College, cooked up a sustainably harvested rainbow trout dish and shared the incredible flavors with Shedd’s guests.

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February 28, 2014

March Fish of the Month: Farmed Clams

Shedd Aquarium’s Right Bite program works with restaurants and grocery stores to educate seafood lovers on the importance of choosing seafood that was caught or farmed using environmentally friendly practices. This month we're highlighting the Right Bite "green-listed" farmed clams.

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February 06, 2014

February Fish of the Month: Dungeness Crab

MSCDungeness crab is on Right Bite's "best choice" list for sustainable seafood because it's abundant, well-managed and caught in environmentally-friendly ways. The Oregon fishery for Dungeness crab is also certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the world's elading eco-label for seafood. Be sure to look for this logo when you visit your local seafood counter.

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January 13, 2014

January Fish of the Month: Farmed Rainbow Trout

Your seafood choices can have a big impact on the health of our oceans and lakes—so make sure they’re positive ones! Every month, Shedd’s Right Bite team highlights a sustainable seafood item as our Fish of the Month. January’s pick is farmed rainbow trout, and we have a delicious recipe for smoked rainbow trout frittata that's perfect for warming up on those blustery winter days.

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December 09, 2013

December Fish of the Month: U.S.-Farmed Catfish

Catfish is quite the catch! For December’s Fish of the Month, we are featuring one of the most sustainable seafood options out there: U.S.-farmed catfish. If that doesn’t sound appealing enough, the recipe for Pecan Crusted Catfish with Cranberry Apple Quinoa will surely do the trick.

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December 03, 2013

Shedd's Green Holiday Guide

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, full of joy, giving, friends and family. But they can also be a time of excess and waste. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, household waste increases by more than 25 percent. Here are a few tips to help you save money and reduce waste this holiday:

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November 01, 2013

National Sushi Day


November 1 is National Sushi Day. If you like sushi, you’ve probably tried to get—if not fought tooth and chopstick over—the last unagi roll on the table. Still warm from the grill and sweetened to perfection with a Japanese barbeque sauce, unagi, or freshwater eel, is a favorite among many sushi fans. But you may think twice about ordering eel the next time you’re at a sushi bar.

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October 27, 2013

Sustainable Seafood and You

Shedd Aquarium Sustainable Seafood

Your seafood choices can have a big impact on the health of our waters worldwide. October is National Seafood Month, and Shedd’s Right Bite team encourages you to be sure your impact is positive by deepening your understanding of issues surrounding seafood consumption and becoming an advocate for sustainable seafood. Seafood is our last major source of wild-caught food, and while farm-raised fish are increasingly common in the marketplace, the majority of seafood worldwide continues to come from wild populations.

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October 10, 2013

Dinner Dance with a Nautilus

Shedd Aquarium nautilus

Cephalopod Awareness Days (Oct. 8 through 12) give us an opportunity to learn more about this class of invertebrates that ruled the seas millions of years before the first primitive fish shook a tailfin.

I had the privilege of learning about chambered nautiluses firsthand when senior aquarist Laura Hilstrom invited me behind the scenes to help feed her charges in Wild Reef. Nautiluses trace their ancestry back 500 million years to the Cambrian period. They are the last of the externally shelled cephalopods and the most primitive members of their class, which also includes octopuses, squids and cuttlefishes.

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October 04, 2013

October Fish of the Month: Wild Alaskan MSC-Certified Salmon

Sustainably caught or raised seafood not only tastes better (just ask the Right Bite team), but it’s also an easy and important way to protect our oceans and lakes. The Fish of the Month for October is wild Alaskan MSC-certified salmon, which is on Shedd’s “best choice list” for sustainability. This refreshing and healthy recipe for grilled Alaskan salmon with grapefruit and avocado salsa is a delicious and sustainable dish that we know you’ll enjoy!

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